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Velux Pitched Roof Windows

The two main types of VELUX Pitched roof window are the 'Centre–Pivot' roof window and the 'Top Hung' roof rindow. Both aredesigned to fill your living space with natural daylight and provide ventilation at the same time.

We all know how much better we all feel when we get some sunlight, it lightens our mood, provides a natural source of vitamin D and makes us feel more awake and alert. These windows help provide all of this within in the comfort of your home.

The VELUX pitched roof window was the original design. It has a handle at the top so it is easy to operate when installed lower in a roof and even if you place any furniture in front. The sash can be rotated 180° so you can clean the outside of the window from inside your home.

There are different finishes, glazing options and methods of operation for the VELUX Centre-Pivot Roof Window.


These can be finished in white polyurethane. These are the most common as they aremore hard–wearing, can be wiped clean and they match other UPVC windows in your home.

White painted

Each part that makes up the window is individually painted using a water–based paint. The lighter finish helps reflect the daylight more effectively and as they have been painted once, a light sanding and you can paint them again.

Pine lacquered finish

The original window which is triple coated to aid protection.

Modern Technology

Methods of operation other than the manually operated VELUX Centre-Pivot roof windows include both solar powered and electrically / mains powered meaning you can sit back and open and close your windows at the touch of a button. Don't worry if you go out and forget to close these windows as they are fitted with a rain sensor and they will close themselves should this happen. Velux now provide an electrically operated Top Hung window but at present the solar type isn't available.

Upgrade To Fingertip Control

If you already have a VELUX Centre-Pivot roof window that is in good condition, there is also an upgrade kit which turns your manually operated window into a solar powered, push button to operate one. (centre–pivot only).

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