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ROOF WINDOWS - Repairs & Maintenance

Velux roof window installation, replacement and servicing in Hampshire

Velux Roof Window Repairs

Even though VELUX roof windows are the market leader and their product is, in our opinion, far superior to any other roof window manufacturer the windows some will require some proactive maintenance.

We have replaced windows that have been installed for over 30 years and are still in good, working order. This is because they have been well– maintained throughout the years.

Window Maintenance Pays Off

VELUX recommend that their roof windows should be maintained at least every 4 years if not more; a basic clean and general maintenance annually. This is something that you can undertake yourselves but if your windows are not easily accessible or if they are solar or electrically operated and require a little more than a standard full service, then we can help.

Sometimes, even the best product can get damaged. The great thing about VELUX is they provide an extensive after sales service with array of spare parts for all their products. We liaise directly with VELUX to source the spare part before fitting it for you.

Guaranteed for 10 years

Don't forget VELUX windows are covered with the VELUX 10 year product guarantee so if it's within the first 10 years it's covered. (Electrical items, blinds and shutters the guarantee is 3 years.)

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