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SUN TUNNELS - Installation

Velux sun tunnel installations from the Daylight Doctor in Hampshire

Velux Sun Tunnel Lighting

If you have somewhere that would benefit from some natural daylight but maybe the area is too small to have a roof window installed, perhaps a VELUX Sun Tunnel (also known as a Sun Tube) is the answer.

There are two different types of sun tunnel roof window available.

Flexible Sun Tunnel

The Flexible Sun Tunnel has a diameter of 14" and is ideal when the route between the roof and where it is located in the ceiling of your home is not more than the recommended distance of 1.5 metres – or if the route is impeded by structural elements.

Rigid Sun Tunnel

The Rigid VELUX Sun Tunnel is available in both 10" and 14" and is designed for longer, direct routes / distances recommended between 0.9m and 6 metres.

I have been asked if these work at night ... strangely, the answer is YES. VELUX manufacture a low–energy light kit so when you have no natural daylight available, at the flick of a switch, visibility is resumed.

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